Winter Wonderland

Jungleland has magically morphed into a fabulous celebration of the festive season. Enjoy the trail and take part in the the simple country baubles quiz. No prizes, but keeps you busy until you reach Santa's grotto entrance. You don't need to book to see Santa, just see his Elves and they will help. The cost is £7.00 which includes an age related gift and a living miniature Christmas tree for you to pot out. You can also buy a pot and compost for a special price of £1.99 - pay at the shop tills for this.

Santa is now in his grotto on the dates and times listed. He will here every weekend up until Christmas and weekdays shown, so come and meet him with the family.


Thursday 20 11am-4.30pm                                                                                   Friday 21 11am-4.30pm                                                                                                            Saturday 22 11am-4.30pm                                                                                 Sunday 23 11am-4.30pm                                                                                        Monday 24 11am-3.30pm

Please be patient as there can be a queue at busy times.

Happy Christmas to everyone!



Frosted Firs

Frosted Firs for Christmas

The magic of iced fir trees lining your walk in Wonderland


Name the Country

Enjoy the walk and try our festive baubles quiz - no prizes, just for fun!


Motor Neurone Disease

Our Santa Band are entertaining us and collecting for Motor Neurone Disease Association


Bear display in the store

Browse our Christmas display with Brown bears, Polar bears, illuminated birds and other cuddly critters.


Fabulous snowy trees

Real Christmas trees with snow and lights to guide your path.

Santa2 crop2

Visit Santa in his grotto

Santa is at the end of the Winter Wonderland trail - see his Elves and get a ticket.