14th September 2020


(Pennistetum ‘Hameln’ pictured)

Swathes of wafting grasses make an attractive addition to any size garden, with their beautiful plumes that sway in the breeze and the many ranges of colours, these low maintenance plants can provide all round texture, colour and movement. Hardy, resistant to most pests and diseases and quick growing, ornamental grasses can range in height from 30cm to 4m!

Perfect for planting in the autumn or spring they are available as either an evergreen or deciduous plant.  They like a sunny position although some varieties will tolerate shade.  In spring cut back deciduous varieties and ‘comb out’ the dead leaves on the evergreen.

For further information please call St John's Barnstaple on 01271 343884 or St John's Ashford on 01271 320525