Pet Care

Our pet department has a large range of food for all common pets, together with lifestyle products, cages, beds and toys to keep them contented.

We do not sell pets but have a very large range of products for many animals and especially for dogs and cats. Some products are often on special offer either from the supplier or as a St.John’s ‘deal’. Multiple buys and discounts can be found around the department. Free gifts with some products for limited periods are also featured – look out for them.

All the well known food products both dry and wet are on display, in various sizes:

Royal Canin dog/cat : James Welbeloved dog/cat : Iams cat : Eukanuba dog : Burns dog : Arden Grange dog : Canagan dog : Barking Heads dog : Whiskas cat

Vitakraft guinea pig/hamsters : VetIQ Small rodents : Chudleys rabbits : Mr Johnson’s rabbits : Harrington’s guinea pigs/rabbits : Burgess small rodents :  Supreme Science rabbits : Tiny friends Russell Rabbit, Gerty Guinea Pig, Gerri Gerbil, Charlie Chinchilla,  Reggie Rat & Mini Mouse, Harry Hamster

Rosewood parrot : WillsBridge parrot, budgie, canary, cockatiel : Johnson & Jeff parrot, budgie, finch

On the St.John’s store site we have two complimentary businesses – see their contact details on our ‘Other Retailers’ page:

Maidenhead Aquatics – for all things fish related, including fish, tanks, ponds, food and accessories.

St.John’s Veterinary Clinic – for smaller pets and animals.


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