Garden Plants

Our plants, shrubs and trees for the garden change with the seasons and are a very comprehensive selection of what will grow successfully in North Devon.

This experience has been gained over the many years we have run our own nursery and plant propagation centre.

Our knowledgeable staff are always available for advice on all things horticultural. Whether you just need one plant to fill a border, a drift to show off their full potential or a well-positioned tree, we can help.

Flowering, fragrant, colourful, architectural, bold or subtle – we have it all.

Some of our seasonal selected plants are shown.

Selected Garden Plants

pittosporum tenuifolium tom-thumb

Pittosporum Tom Thumb – lovely small feature plant

From £9.99
photinia-fraseri red-robin

Photinia – fabulous new growth colour every year

From £7.99

Sarcococca (Christmas Box) Evergreen with white flowers

Price varies on size

Hamamelis – autumn leaf colour with scented spring flowers

Price varies on size

Pines & Conifers

All types & sizes

Japanese Azalea

From £7.99 each


Plant now - a great selection available from our plant department
Camellia williamsii


From £9.99
Camellia 'Autumn Spirit'


Evergreen plant and great for containers

Pieris – Forest Flame

Varieties from £7.99 - £59.99
ceanothus2 sharper

Ceanothus – Californian Lilac


Herbaceous Perennials – Anemone/Aster/Geranium…

From £2.99