Amaryllis Bulbs Available Now

Amaryllis Bulbs Available Now

5th October 2020


We have a fantastic selection of Amaryllis bulbs and growing kits in store now.  Choose from creams, pale pinks, oranges and reds through to the deepest purple, Amaryllis are an easy to grow houseplant that will brighten your winter and spring windowsill.  Plant the bulb in potting compost (supplied if bought in a growing kit form), water regularly and keep it in a bright position out of direct sunlight. As the plant grows regularly turn the pot to keep the stalk growing straight.

Often given as Christmas gifts this is a present that will give many hours of happiness and come back the following year if kept properly.

Available to buy at St John's Barnstaple (01271 343884) and St John's Ashford (01271 320525)